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The textures used in SBOL use an .MIA extension. I'm unable to find any details on this format or if it is used in any other games. The format is unprotected and stored using a basic run length compression for the pixel data.


0x0000: Short - Texture Count
0x0002: Short - ???? always appears to be 1
0x0004: Pointer Table for Textures. One for every texture

Texture Structure:
0x0000: Int - ???? maybe id or MIPMAP detail
0x0004: String (32bytes) Texture name
0x0028: Int - Format
0x002C: Short - Texture Width
0x002E: Short - Texture Height
Pixel Entries:
Structure is 5 Bytes for each entry (number of entries calculated from Pointer table values / 5
	Pixel Structure:
	0x00: Number of Pixels + 1
	0x01: Blue
	0x02: Green
	0x03: Red
	0x04: Alpha